About Us

It started with a couple of funny Valentine's Day cards I sold on Etsy in 2012 and has grown into a full time passion (it's too fun to feel like a full time job!) 

I've had the privilege to have many of my designs featured by The New York Times, The Bump, Pop Sugar, Glamour, Huffington Post, TimeOut New York, and quite a few BuzzFeed lists along with several other publications, fashion and wedding blogs. But this was no overnight success, I had to a lot to learn since I began this journey. 
I'm a self taught artist and "card maker". I knew zippity zilch when it came to transferring my paper and pencil drawings into digital art. Thank God for Google, YouTube tutorials, and my straight up tenacity. 

I'm not a "paperphile". I never got into this business because I loved the feel and smell of paper like some stationery designers do. So I definitely don't fit in with that crowd. So I won't fake it. I just like a funny card. But since I can't make cards without that damn paper, I had to become paper, ink, and printer knowledgeable. It is the most boring part about stationery design, but it is necessary and worth it. (If you're thinking about getting into the stationery biz, you need to do this. Use the free school of Google and YouTube and, most of all, experiment!)

I had to toss, or rather, recycle pounds and pounds of failed printing attempts until the I got the right printers, correct printer settings, layouts, paper thickness and finish to make things look right. Unless one works with a professional printing company, you can't skip this step.) I still oversee all the printing in the studio and quality checks because I'm obsessed with the end result.

People may be shocked, appalled, and possibly disgusted that I, myself, am not big on sending greeting cards. It's true. But I am a true appreciator of receiving letters and cards. (Selfish and one sided, isn't she?)

So if I'm not that into the touch and feel of paper and I don't send my own loved ones cards why do I even do this thing?

I was totally let down by the greeting card aisle at the store. I'm not really not into mushy sentimental cards, so I've always sought out cards that would make someone laugh. Usually, I'd find one that was semi-acceptable and still doodle on it or added and tweaked the verbiage to make it better. Seriously, why was I buying a mediocre card for $6.79 that still wasn't reaching its full potential? Maybe I'm just too picky. But as more occasions came and went over the years the big box store greeting cards  weren't cutting it. 

So I started making my own. 

Like a normal person. 

Now my line of quirky goods has expanded beyond the card section and I'm thrilled to offer totes, pins, mugs, stickers, and wall art! I plan on continuing to add new products on the regular, so please check back often!